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4 hours hunger free organic bar

4 hours hunger free organic bar

The protein bar useful for providing energy when you need it most

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A concentrate of protein properties, useful for prolonging your sense of satiety!

The achievement of a physiological sense of satiety and the modulation of glucose levels make the organic 4 hour hunger-free bar ideal for better managing your diet, especially if you are going through a period of dieting. The sense of satiety is one of the main variables capable of influencing eating behavior. Learning to understand and modulate it can help you manage your nutrition better and not waste the efforts you are making.

4 hours hunger free organic bar: the ideal bar to better manage nervous hunger

Hunger, especially if of nervous origin, is an impulse that starts from the head: it is not a ``real hunger`` but pushes us to devour any food due to stress, anxiety, excessive work and more. Our food choices are confused by instinctive brain circuits: to deal with them we first need to know them. With our bar you have a 100% organic product, without lactose, additives, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, hydrogenated fats and colourants.

The energy of a protein bar not just for athletes!

Protein bars, being a real boost of energy, are mainly consumed by athletes. Our 4 hours without hunger, however, is an energetic hunger breaker, which can be used both in a low-calorie diet and in the daily routine, to increase the sense of satiety between one meal and another. all while maintaining the right ratios between macronutrients, and has a high percentage of ``good`` fats (unsaturated fats) out of total fats. A 100% natural snack created solely and exclusively for your well-being!

Discover all the ingredients!

4 hours hunger free organic bar conteins:

31% Seeds (flax, pumpkin and sunflower)

18% Puffed cereals (spelt, millet, amaranth, kamut)

24% Honey

13% Almonds

10,5% Oatmeal

3,5% Nuts

3,5% Puffed quinoa

Discover the health aspects of the ingredients of the organic 4 hours without hunger bar!

The daily consumption of 4 hours without organic hunger satisfies approximately 1/4 of the requirement for fibre, potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamin E. Furthermore, the intake of 1.68g of Omega-3 fully satisfies the daily requirement compared to a energy of approximately 2000 cal/day.

Protection from oxidative stress and protective endothelium-vessel (vitamin E, copper, zinc, selenium, manganese, arginine, Omega-3);

Hypocholesterolemic effect (phytosterols);

Triglyceridemia modulation (Omega-3);

Skin and hair protection (linoleic acid, vitamin E, zinc, iron, manganese);

Retinal and nervous system protection (lutein and Omega-3);

Bone and muscle protection (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, proteins, vitamin K);

Male fertility (zinc and arginine).

Nutritional Table

 per 100 gper 25 g
Energia443,9 kcal111 kcal
1853 kj458,8 kj
Grassi22,6 g5,65 g
di cui ac. grassi saturi2,6 g0,65 g
ac. grassi insaturi20 g5 g
di cui : Omega 33,36 g0,84 g
Omega 67,74 g 1,93 g
Carboidrati41,2 g10,3 g
di cui zuccheri21,1 g5,27 g
Fibre alimentari10,5 g2,62 g
Proteine15 g3,75 g
Sale37,5 mg9,38 mg
Potassio1080 mg270 mg
Magnesio214 mg53,5 mg
Ferro5 mg1,25 mg
Vitamina E6,7 mg1,68 mg

Glycemic load per bar: only 6.35

Nutritional reference value

Potassium 0
Magnesium 0
Iron 0
Vitamin E 0

Hunger breakers have been approved by the Italian Professional Nutritionists Federation.

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