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Who we are

Our brand was born as a company dedicated to food education: we have developed a range of products unique for their nutritional characteristics and quality of ingredients. Over the years we have specialized in the production of 100% natural hunger-busting bars, capable of producing various positive effects on the body.
To guarantee the functionality of our products, rigorous controls are carried out during all production phases: from the selection of ingredients to the study of the positive effects on the body. We hope for excellence in the field of food supplementation and, more generally, the holistic well-being of the person. On the wave of nutritional education, we have decided to expand our range of products, strengthening our offer on everything that can contribute to improving people's well-being.

We have thus developed domestic scales, with bio-impedance technology, for those who need to constantly check their progress through specific measurement parameters. An absolutely non-invasive and simple to use technology that will allow you to see all the progress directly on your smartphone, thanks to our Rilevo FIT app, downloadable for free for both Android and iOS.


Our vision is always turned to the future: this is why we work every day on the search for good products capable of combining superior quality characteristics.


We want our brand to become a real point of reference in the wellness sector. An innovative company that offers its potential consumers the best products on the market.


The five words that accompany our entrepreneurial journey every day:


For us, quality starts from production and ends with delivery. It is a complex and controlled process at all stages, to guarantee a high level of each Rilevo brand product.


We are convinced that doing your job well means first of all being responsible towards people, towards the environment, towards your sector. It is that value that preserves and passes on the most solid and authentic principles of Rilevo's entrepreneurial thought.


Our goal is to create authentic products, made of ingredients that have ancient traditions. It is authentic food that does not include the addition of additives or, even worse, chemicals. Every single product is designed to provide genuine and healthy food.


We proudly define ourselves as coherent because we make difficult choices but ones we are proud of. Our goal is not to betray the expectations of those who choose our brand.


Each of our products is studied down to the smallest details. They are all tested in order to satisfy every wellness need, whatever the final goal. Offering our customers a guarantee is a fundamental element of our philosophy.

Act consistently: always in line with our values

This is our history: we are proud to present our brand, which collects and projects into the future these ideals we have talked about so far.
They are the only lasting values for a company, because they allow you to look forward with enthusiasm and a sense of belonging.
Doing your job well means this: having dedication, ambition, consistency but above all passion.
Furthermore, by discovering our brand, you will adhere to a healthier lifestyle and more conscious nutritional choices.

Comparing Snacks

Snacks should handle around 10% of your daily energy needs (around 200kcal/2000kcal). Many snacks offered on the market are mainly biscuits, snacks or bars which have simple sugars, proteins and saturated fats among their main ingredients. Consequently we are very likely to introduce nutrients which not only distance us from nutritional adequacy or from our most appropriate nutritional standard, but which can lead to hyper-consumption, as they are poorly satiating, precisely due to the high sugar and reduced fiber intake.
Our products are handcrafted and made in Italy; they differ greatly from industrial products that come from countries where production standards have less rigid controls.


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