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Bia scale with body health control functions

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Bia scale (Bio Impedence Analysis) with 13 functions to control the health status of your body.


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  • Bia bathroom scale, impedance meter and Rilevo Fit App, easy to use and effective for staying motivated.
  • Measure, analyze and discover the history of your progress through 13 indicators of your health directly from your smartphone.
  • Compatible with other apps such as Apple Health, Google Fit and many others.
  • Usable by everyone: Ability to select athlete and baby mode.
  • The Rilevo Fit App allows you to share your results with whoever you want and discover the Rilevo World in complete freedom.
  • Color: Black with Rilevo screen-printed branding

Let’s see what it measures: Body weight; BMI algorithm which is a function of your body weight and height; Subcutaneous Fat; Fat-Free Body Weight; Body Fat; Metabolic Age; Body Water; Skeletal muscle; Muscle mass; Bone Mass; BMR algorithm that provides an amount of minimum calories necessary for the body; Visceral Fat; Proteins; Rilevo Fit was developed to be able to monitor the values ​​of all the indicators over time, to be able to share the values ​​with whoever you want (nutritionist, doctor or simply your friends) and a DISCOVER RILEVO section where you can find information on our products and a BLOG via the Instagram page sharing health topics with contributions from a limited number of professionals. The App has been designed to maintain a continuous relationship between people from a social perspective. Black colour.




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