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Nutrient bars

Are you tired of eating badly and want to get back into shape with low-calorie snacks?

Are you tired of following random diets that don't make you regain the ideal weight you desire?

Would you like to always have your body parameters under control, to understand how many kg you are losing with your diet?

Our natural bars can help you get back into shape, calming the feeling of appetite you feel during the day.

And with our free app, you will always have a digital diary on your body parameters at hand!

Regularity comes from eating

Unfortunately, when following diets one of the most common problems is irregularity.

Admit it: you’ve probably already followed a diet and then stopped it because you were tired of eating healthy.

You saw others eating what they wanted and you did NOT want to feel different…

How can I blame you!

This feeling is understandable, but have you ever tried to think that this could be the reason why you weren’t losing weight?

This feeling is understandable, but have you ever tried to think that this could be the reason why you weren’t losing weight?

These words shouldn’t break you down, but they should be that stimulus to finally get back into shape.

But how can you be regular if you let yourself be influenced by others and perhaps eat badly too often?

You need to start calming the feeling of appetite you feel mid-morning and afternoon with nutritious, low-calorie bars.

This snack can help you calm your hunger and if combined with a specific diet for you.

But now let me tell you about the benefits of Rilevo protein bars and tell you what flavors are available.

Barrette nutrienti cioccolato

Why nutrient bars are important in a diet

You should know that nutrient bars are a type of food that ensure the right caloric intake of proteins.

Proteins are essential for the formation of muscle tissue, bone health and the correct functioning of all metabolic processes.

Here our hunger-breaker is a complete formula that combines goodness and tastiness in a single snack.

Furthermore, on our site you can find snacks of all flavours, such as: organic orange, ginger, sesame and chocolate.

Our nutrient bars are special because they help the body to:

These are all advantageous health aspects that push people to increasingly favor nutritious bars in their diets.

But that’s not all: what if I told you that from today you could follow a diet and monitor your body parameters?

Would you like to know how? Let me explain it to you right now!

Rilevo Fit: the App that show your progress

How many times have you gone on a diet but couldn’t understand if you were making less progress. 

You’ve probably always hated this aspect, because not having the situation under control destabilized you.

Today, however, this can be solved thanks to Rilevo Fit: a digital diary that keeps you updated on your body parameters.

Our application is incredibly intuitive and allows you to effectively manage many parameters.

Through Rilevo Fit you can monitor the progress of: weight, BMI, body water, bone mass, proteins and much more that you will discover only by downloading the app!

Additionally, our application will notify you of updates or blog post postings simply by allowing notifications.

Its added value is the possibility of sharing your results with whoever you want to always have your weight under control.

To use the Rilevo Fit all you need is to download it for free from your app store and connect our scale.

If you want to measure your weight once a week to see how you are doing, we recommend measuring it on the same day at the usual time.

Don’t wait any longer and get back in shape immediately thanks to our healthy bars, monitoring your weight with our free app!

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