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Precision and technology in a single instrument

We are used to conceiving the scale as an instrument that can only measure body weight.
Today, fortunately, technology has allowed us to make giant strides. Rilevo has created two scales that allow you to measure many other body parameters that can be useful to better evaluate your balance and physical well-being.
The technology used is non-invasive and simple to use. The scales allow you to see your progress directly on your phone and thanks to the Rilevo Fit App you can monitor the values over time and share them with whoever you want.
Scales can be used by everyone, young and old. The value parameters are a function of age, sex and type of user (athletic or non-athletic).

Bilance Rilevo : Il futuro è ORA

The technology used is Bio Impedance with two different frequencies which is used to more accurately measure some values of the human body. Libra sends an imperceptible electrical current through the body which encounters obstacles (“impedance” in the technical term) depending on the different tissues encountered. A powerful algorithm processes the recorded impedance value and compares it with the person's age, height and sex to arrive at specific values for each class of individual.
On a general level, human tissues, permeable tissues such as muscles and blood vessels are highly conductive, while the fat in the human body is not conductive at all. This characteristic of the body connects fatty tissues with non-fatty tissues.
Thanks to the difference in impedance for different tissues can be differentiated with different values in the bones, muscles, proteins of the body.
In the Cardio version we have included a technology that allows you to detect the heart rate and an algorithm that, after checking all the other parameters, provides a qualitative indicator on the cardio vascular state of your body.

Scopri l'app RILEVO FIT

The RILEVO FIT App was specifically developed to allow you to save in memory,
directly on your smartphone, your progress and be able to monitor the values of your health status.
It consists of 4 sections:





RILEVO FIT is incredibly intuitive: it allows you to quickly manage many parameters, providing you with a history of all your progress.
Download it now, in just a few seconds, to learn more about all the benefits!

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Why choose our scales


Le nostre bilance sono moderne e sofisticate in quanto digitali ed assicurano un risultato migliore di quello raggiunto da semplici bilance meccaniche.


La tecnologia utilizzata è la Bioimpedenza con due frequenze differenti che serve per misurare più accuratamente alcuni valori del corpo umano.


Modelli di bilance molto avanzati, che oltre al peso vi permettono di monitorare anche la vostra composizione corporea.


Bilance altamente precisi nella misurazione del peso e della massa corporea.

Ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo

Tra le bilance digitali e moderne, sono tra le più economiche sul mercato.


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