We are used to conceiving the scale as an instrument that can only measure body weight.

Fortunately, today technology has allowed us to make great strides. Rilevo has created two scales that allow you to measure many other parameters of the body that can be useful to better evaluate your balance and physical well-being.

The technology used is non-invasive and simple to use. The scales allow you to see your progress directly on your phone and thanks to the Rilevo Fit App you can monitor the values ​​over time and share them with whoever you want.

The scales can be used by everyone, young and old. The parameters of the values ​​depend on the age, sex and type of user (sports or non-sports).

The technology used is the Bio Impedance with two different frequencies which is used to more accurately measure some values ​​of the human body. Libra sends an imperceptible electric current through the body that encounters obstacles (“impedance” in technical terms) depending on the different tissues encountered. A powerful algorithm processes the recorded impedance value and compares it with the person’s age, height and sex to get specific values ​​for each individual class. Generally speaking, human tissues, permeable tissues such as muscles and blood vessels are highly conductive, while human body fat is not conductive at all. This characteristic of the body relates fatty to non-fat tissues. Thanks to the difference in impedance for different tissues they can be differentiated with different values ​​in bones, muscles, body proteins, etc.


  • Easy to use

  • Compatible with many App in Ios and Android

  • Are helpful to monitor all your values during different time horizon

  • You can share your results easily 

In the Cardio version we have included a technology that allows to detect the heart rate and an algorithm that after checking all the other parameters comes to provide a qualitative indicator on the cardio vascular status of your body.