3 Ore Senza Fame all’Arancia Bio- 3 Hours Hunger Free with Orange Bio

The natural bar with seeds, cereals, dark chocolate and candied orange


Seeds 22% (flax, pumpkin, sunflower), puffed cereals 18% ( spelled , millet, amaranth, khorasan wheat ), Italian honey, almonds , oat flakes, walnuts, puffed quinoa. Coverage 30%: extra dark chocolate (min. Cocoa 55.1%) (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor).  

It Does Not Contain

Additives, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, hydrogenated fats, dyes.

Healthy Aspects of this snack

The 3 Hours Without Hunger Orange bar is the first Bio bar by Rilevo and contains premium 
quality ingredients that give the product a nutritionally excellent profile and a unique 
and natural taste. Organic flax seeds, present in the quantity of 9%, boast numerous qualities for the whole organism because they are rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids which exert a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. The formula is enriched by ancient cereals, including spelled and khorasan wheat, which are easy to digest as the gluten content is lower than modern grains. Selected dried fruit (almonds and walnuts) 
gives the product taste and crunchiness. Finally, the dark chocolate in the "foot" of the bar makes it greedy and even more inviting.

BUY 3 Ore Senza Fame Arancia e Cioccolato- 3 Hours Hunger Free Chocolate

It nourishes and satisfies without heavy weighing

Achieving a physiological sense of satiety and the modulation of glucose levels make the Rilevo hunger breakers also functional for weight reduction programs (soluble fiber, cereals and pseudocereals with a low glycemic index).

Nutritional Information

Potassio 27% VNR
Magnesium 29% VNR
Iron 18% VNR
Vitamin E 27% VNR

VNR = NRV Nutritional Reference Value

Nutritional Table

The snacks have been approved by the Italian Federation of Professional Nutritionists. Find out more official website.

Comparing Snacks

Snacks should manage around 10% of your daily energy requirement (around 200kcal / 2000kcal). Many snacks on the market are mainly biscuits, snacks or bars that have main ingredients simple sugars, proteins and saturated fats. Consequently we are very likely to introduce nutrients that not only distance us from nutritional adequacy or our most appropriate nutritional standard, but that can induce overconsumption, as they are poorly satiating, precisely due to the high sugar content and the reduced intake of fibers.