2 Ore Senza Fame- 2 Hours Hunger Free


This Snack contains 11.75 grams of flax, sunflower, pumpkin, almond and walnut seeds.
Light, healthy and balanced to satisfy you in a short time.
Rich in fiber and micro nutrients.
Bars with very low glycemic load: only 6,35.
Totally handcrafted in Italy by our local artisans.

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Seeds 30% (flax, pumpkin, sunflower), puffed cereals 18% ( spelled , millet, amaranth, khorasan wheat , Italian honey, almonds , oat flakes , walnuts , puffed quinoa.

Glicemic Load

Glycemic load per bar:only 6,35.

It does not contain

Additives, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, hydrogenated fats, dyes.

Healthy aspect of this snack

The daily consumption of 2 Ore Senza Fame- 2 Hours Hunger Free satisfies about 1/4 of the needs of fiber, potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamin E. In addition, the intake of 1.68g of Omega-3 fully satisfies the daily requirement compared to an energy intake of about 2000 cal / day. In fact, the intake of Omega-3 equal to 0.5 / 2% of the total energy requirement is considered optimal, which for an intake of 2000 cal / day is in the range between 1.1 and 4.4 g. The properties of the ingredeints in this snack che help in:

  • Oxidative stress protection and antioxidant effect and endothelium-protective vessel (vitamin E, copper, zinc, selenium, manganese, arginine, Omega-3);
  • Hypocholesterolemic effect (phytosterols);
  • Triglyceridemia modulation (Omega-3);
  • Skin and hair protection (linoleic acid, vitamin E, zinc, iron, manganese);
  • Retina and nervous system protection (lutein and Omega-3);
  • Bone and muscle protection (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, proteins, vitamin K);
  • Immunoprotection and anticancer prevention with particular regard to the prostate, breast and colon (Omega-3, ellagic acid, lignin and phytosterols);
  • Male fertility (zinc and arginine).
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The Healthy Plate

This snack was chosen by the Foundation of the San Donato Hospital Group (Milan) to be included in the “Feed your health” project. The initiative is aimed at promoting the consumption of natural and healthy foods. The in-shape dish is a model of immediate interpretation that represents a balanced and healthy meal: fruit and vegetables, whole grains and quality proteins, in the correct proportions indicated by the different sections of the dish. The common denominator is fiber, which is essential for regulating the absorption of nutrients and proper intestinal functioning.

It nourishes and satisfies without heavy weighing

Achieving a physiological sense of satiety and the modulation of glucose levels make the Rilevo hunger breakers also functional for weight reduction programs (soluble fiber, cereals and pseudocereals with a low glycemic index).

Nutritional Value

Potassium 27% VNR
Magnesium 29% VNR
Iron 18% VNR
Vitamin E 27% VNR

VNR = Reference Nutritional Value

Nutritional Sheet

Rilevo Snacks have been approved by the Italian Federation of Professional Nutritionists. Find out more on their official website..

Comparing Snacks

Snacks should manage around 10% of your daily energy requirement (around 200kcal / 2000kcal). Many snacks that the market offers are mainly biscuits, snacks or bars that have among their main ingredients simple sugars, proteins and saturated fats. Consequently, we are very likely to introduce nutrients that not only distance us from nutritional adequacy or our most appropriate nutritional standard, but that can induce overconsumption, as they are poorly satiating, precisely due to the high sugar content and the reduced intake of fibers. 

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