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Do you want to become our ambassador?

If you share Rilevo's philosophy, don't miss the opportunity to become a spokesperson for our products dedicated to well-being.
If you've come this far it's not by chance: you probably already use our products or maybe you can't wait to do so!
The principles on which our brand is based are cooperation, teamwork, trust and loyalty.

What type of ambassador are we looking for?

Anyone who is interested in well-being and food education and is able to increase our brand awareness.

What are the benefits of a Rilevo ambassador?

Having the opportunity to test and use new products, not yet released on the market, thus entering the Rilevo family.

What do we expect from an ambassador?

Embracing our project fully and being active and interactive with community users, both online and offline.

Do you want to become one of our resellers or bring Rilevo to your shop?

Are you a pharmacist, parapharmacist, herbalist, nutritionist, doctor or personal trainer and do you like our philosophy?
Contact us now to start a collaboration with us.
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You will be contacted as soon as possible by one of our sales managers who will give you all the info and details to join our company.

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