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Opinions about Rilevo from our Customers and Network

“Your snacks are very healthy and very easy to digest.”
Dott.ssa Maria Rosaria V.

“Great taste without being overly sweet despite containing honey. Great to stop the lack of an immediate meal despite the appetite and to occasionally replace a lunch.”

Cristina A.

“I got to know the reality of Rilevo, which is based in Piacenza, up close. I was able to see how these products are made up of high quality ingredients and with an unparalleled nutritional balance. Congratulations!”

Maruizio D.

“I tried several bars, but the Rilevo ones have an edge, you feel they are made with fine ingredients and keep the promise of two hours hunger free!”

Lisa M.

“Balanced bar, the nutritionist recommended them to me because they are made without syrup and with quality ingredients … Good and nutritious, even my baby eats them!”

Tiziana D.

“These bars have nothing to do with the commercial ones we find in the supermarket. There is no” industrial “type ingredient.

Maria Rosaria V.

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