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6 benefits in walking

6 benefits in walking

Just like eating an apple a day, taking regular walks is a habit that can bring incredible benefits to the health of body and mind and … even “keep the doctor away”! In fact, not only can it help you lose weight, lower blood pressure and increase your immune defenses: this healthy habit is also one of the best and easiest things to do to improve the overall health of the body. Walking regularly is therefore good for your health.

Let’s see these benefits in more detail. The weight loss depends can vary from individual to individual although normally a person of about 70 kg will have burned an average of 300 calories after 1 hour of athletic walking at a speed of 6 km / h. At this point the muscles will develop, especially at the height of the thighs and buttocks, which will consume more calories, even at rest.
Fast walking, according to pulmonologists, is a way to improve the quality of breathing and feel less fatigue related to heart failure.
Thanks to the regular practice of walking, heart muscle training is the best way to protect ourselves from cardiovascular problems. Being a moderate and endurance physical activity, brisk walking promotes blood circulation.
It has been shown that 150 minutes of moderate exercise, such as walking, or 75 minutes of strenuous exercise, such as running, spinning, aerobic activity, per week, can help lower blood pressure and improve heart health .
Walking transforms moral fatigue into physical fatigue. You are less stressed and your sleep quality is better. When you are rested, the brain secretes more hormones that are necessary for the immune system to function properly.
By practicing walking you get less sick, you catch a cold less, you are less tired and you keep your body in top shape.
Finally and strong the simplest and most normal thing walking leads you to have a better mood. The mind always plays a very important role in everything we do so RELEASE simply advises you to dedicate some time to yourself by walking regularly . 10000 steps a day will be enough to have an improvement after a few weeks that you will be surprised by yourself. Get your body used to this healthy and not at all expensive routine.

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